“The friendliest park in the west.”

Anyone considering a new home, even a temporary or seasonal one, wants to know, Will I feel at home?

Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, once said, “There is no word yet for old friends who’ve just met.”

Newcomers to Silveridge know exactly what he meant by “old friends who’ve just met.”

It doesn’t take long to fit right in at Silveridge. After all, the park has folks from states all over the U.S. and from Canada. You’ll find dinners and other special events for Canadians and for those from Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota and many others.

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8265 E Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85209
(480) 373-7000 (800) 354-0054

What does it mean to be the friendliest park in the west?

Silveridge has 688 lots, an ideal size -- big enough to have plenty of activities to choose from and all the amenities of the giant parks, without the big crowds; allowing you to make great friends and lasting memories.

Plus, we have a sister park, The Resort RV Park, a few blocks away, and residents invite each other to their events and facilities.

Silveridge isn’t owned or run by some anonymous corporation in Manhattan or Shanghai; ; the owner and the members of the management team for Silveridge and The Resort are all local and regularly meet with residents.

We think Silveridge is so special that we welcome comparisons to other parks…

Price Value Comparisons

Every year, Al LaCanne, and Aileen Gunning do a comparison to other nearby RV resorts and send it to all residents. The document compares prices, what’s included in those prices, and also the density, in lots per acre. You can see a PDF of those comparisons by clicking below…

What you’ll see is that Silveridge is not the cheapest park in town, but it compares favorably to neighboring parks. And that’s true even though the density of Silveridge is far lower than other nearby parks.

When you visit Silveridge you’ll quickly notice the wide streets and how the place is not crowded with homes squished in together. Silveridge has fewer than 10 lots per acre, which is half the rate of some neighboring parks.

(Prices in the PDF are from the most recent research, conducted Feb-Mar, 2016)

8265 E Southern Ave,Mesa, AZ 85209
(480) 986-8404 1-866-386-1101


“As busy as you want to be” is how residents describe the activities and amenities at Silveridge.


If you’re not worn out from all the clubs and amenities, you can choose from onsite social events and the resort nightlife.

Holiday events, like the Mardi Gras Parade, and the Christmas parade of decorated golf carts.

During the season we have a full-time Activities Director, Sue Arneson, and she and her staff work to keep everyone smiling.

Stop by and visiti and you'll know what we mean by..

“Old friends who've just met.”