No matter how good your facilities and amenities, unless you have great people, it’s not a great park. That’s why we’re eager for you to get to meet in advance some of the people that make Silveridge a special place.

Our Management Team

Al LaCanne

Park Owner

"Everyone who works at the parks CARES. Our philosophy is, Your job is to help the residents have fun."

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Our Support Team

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And a few of our residents...

Al Cook & The Jammers

Front (left to right): Al Cook & Gary Carson Back: Mike LeBlanc, Ron Humphreys, Mike Simpson, Moorie Woodruff A few […]

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Wayne & Brona

“I met a friend of yours at a conference.”“Who was he?” “Not a he, a she.” “Okay – who was she?” […]

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Activities Team

Some of the many helpful hands that make the Activity Department run successfully.

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Yvonne Rowley & the Decorators

The decorating team merrily carries on the work started by Lou Pickard.

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Rick & Armand

“The fun place to play bingo.”

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