RV Space Rental Rates

Weekly : $401.00 (plus tax)

Call the Business office for additional information, and ask us about our Monthly Summer rates.

First Timers: 2 weeks for $401 (plus tax)

1 month:   $1,189.00 (plus tax)
2 month:   $2,378.00 (plus tax)
3 month:   $3,537.00 (plus tax)
4 month:   $4,269.00 (plus tax)
5 month:   $4,513.00 (plus tax)
6 month:   $4,635.00 (plus tax)

Annual Rate: $8,250 (plus tax)

Annual Rate – Premium Lot: $8,400 (plus tax)

Monthly Rates include water, sewer, free internet and HD cable TV.
Weekly rates also include and electricity.

For first time visitors, who have never stayed in the park before, please ask about our “ stay 1 week and receive an additional 1 week free” special. Special rates for non- peak season only. (April 16th through August 14th)