March 2024 Newsletter

The Morning Conversation


The Cattleperson’s Association

By Dale Dauten

As you come into Silveridge’s clubhouse, if you turn right and head past the Library, you come to a hall leading on to the Card Room and beyond, as shown below. I’ve walked that hall many times, but I never noticed the little sign on the double doors along the way.
It’s a bit faded, so if you can’t make it out in the photo, the sign announces that the Silveridge Cattlepersons Association meets there, with coffee costing 25 cents, free refills, and proclaiming that “All members must contribute to the conversation.” However, as you might have guessed from the the fading, that sign is old and a bit out-of-date – the coffee contribution is up to 50 cents. However, the conversation carries on.
Inside those doors in a room is a coffee maker, a large table with some comfortable-looking chairs, and a row of mugs.
 Cattleperson’s? I learned about this place from Cal Gramer and his telling me that it’s one of the places he loves at Silveridge, despite his not having anything to do with cattle. In fact, the club itself has nothing much to do with cattle – the name is a tribute to some of the founders of the group, several of whom did have a ranching background. Now, however, the main connection would be the “bull” that gets tossed around. And, as for becoming a member, you just show up with your fifty cents and you’re a member.


During the season, Cal has taken it upon himself to turn up early and get the coffee going and says of the group, “We meet Monday through Friday at 8AM till about 9 or 9:15. We stay away from politics but we have plenty to talk about. We have a retired detective, a former game warden, truckers, a sugar beet farmer, construction workers, salespeople, teachers, a retired state senator, and going along with the name of the club, there’s one member who used to judge beef cattle.” Cal added, “We even have some women that pop in for conversation often to check on us. We are open to all for just 50 cents a day for coffee and for a lively conversation. Come visit us.” Just another reason to look forward to mornings at Silveridge.


A Farewell to John and Deb Bartlett

By Dale Dauten


240 trips to the airport last year. For those of us who hate driving to the airport, that sounds awful. But it was a good year for John Bartlett, who made taking Silveridge residents to Sky Harbor or Gateway a part-time job, one he’s always enjoyed. And he’s certainly qualified for it: John drove a city bus in Des Moines, Iowa for eight years, and that was after he drove for a bread company for 15 years.


But John will soon be making a much longer drive – he and wife, Deb, are about to move to Florida. Knowing that many Silveridge residents checked-out Florida as a potential residence before deciding on Arizona, some of you may be thinking, “But why?” It’s family – Deb’s sister is a long-time Floridian and has some health issues and wants Deb to come and help with her business. (Deb’s career in Iowa included many years with Aramark and with the retail chain Bomgaars.)


In addition to airport driving, John and Deb have been on the set-up team for Silveridge events for the past several years, so it seemed appropriate for them to pose for a photo with Lu and Teri in front of a cartload of chairs used for events like the dances, shows and bingo.

John reminisced about all the events they were part of, saying, “We loved seeing everyone having fun, and knowing we had helped.” Indeed, he said, “We hope to come back and visit, catch a show and say hello to all the friends we made at the park.”


Lu Way added her farewell: “It’s hard to say goodbye to two people who are such an essential part of our team. John and Deb were so patient with me and helped me learn about setups. We recently took them to dinner and were laughing at my lack of knowledge. I remember last year I had scheduled a Market Day the day after the East Valley Pops concert. Oops. The concert wasn’t over until about 8:30. By the time everyone exited the ballroom it was closer to 9:15. We needed to collapse and put away about 150 chairs and then turn around and set up 80 tables for vendors. They were pulling tables out of secret storage places I didn’t know we had. At one point, John was on his hands and knees crawling under the stage to get more racks of tables. That’s when I learned I need to think more carefully about each set up as I schedule our events. The remarkable point being, they never complained once. I kept apologizing as we worked and worked and Deb would smile and tell me, “That’s ok. You didn’t know.” No matter the time or the day, they always said they’d be right there. We are blessed to have Greg follow in their footsteps and even better yet, Greg was trained by them. We will greatly miss John and Deb. We all wish them the very best of luck on their next adventure and look forward to the day when they return to visit.”

It is hard to believe that the end of the season is fast approaching. Many of you have shared that you cannot believe how fast it has gone. Thank you for another fabulous year! We have continued to learn so much. It is only right and proper that we give thanks to all the resident volunteers in our last letter of the year. We hope you will enjoy the RESIDENT APPRECIATION WEEK!

Get ready to start that conga line again with Harry Mathews at Happy Hour. Whether

you have collected tickets, provided ice and water, sold ice cream, were leader of a

large club, have washed dishes after a food event or simply bought those tickets and attended each event. You are all equally important!

Every one of you is important!

Equally important are those of you who are new volunteers replacing those who are

taking on new goals or moving on to other opportunities. Thank you to those who haveserved for years and thank you for our new courageous leaders. The way you learn is by doing and we have so many mentors to guide the way.

A special thank you to Jerry Colling and Tracy Gagnier and all the kitchen volunteers

who bring such meaning to “Food, Fellowship and Fun” for us. Our meals were

delicious and the desserts for dinner shows your out of this world.

We are busy planning for next year’s activities and entertainment that you will love!

Watch for my summer newsletter online with a listing of entertainment and outfits to

bring. Our Ticket Order List will be online by September. (I’ll try my best to have it

ready before you leave.) Once again you will be able to order tickets on October 1st.

Payment must be included at the time we process your order. May you all have a safe and healthy summer. Rest up and before you know it we will all be back to celebrate with our Silveridge family. You know we are the “Friendliest Park in the West!”

With Appreciation,


Lu and Teri