January Newsletter 2019


By Dale Dauten
Today we get to visit with George Igualt, who heads McGill Investments, the new company now responsible for managing Al LaCanne’s properties, including Silveridge and The Resort.

Back in 2004 Al asked me if I wanted to sell mobile homes. I didn’t know anything about mobile homes. I didn’t even know that there were such things as single- and double-wides. All I could think to say was, ‘How do you sell them? Do you want me to put on a wig and clown suit and hold a sign outside the mobile home park?’ Al said that might work but that I would figure out something better.

A few months later I had sold all the homes. Al, surprised, asked, ‘How did you do that?’ And I was surprised right back and told him, ‘I thought I had to.’”

And that’s George Igualt’s career, summed up: He’s figures it out and comes through. Al LaCanne quickly spotted that trait in George and asked him to join his company. George decided that commercial real estate had more potential than the business he’d been running, so he turned that company over to a key employee, and went fulltime with Interstate Investments.

It wasn’t long before Al put George in charge of a mobile home park in Tempe, right in the middle of the last financial crisis, when financing for mobile homes dried up and the whole mobile home park business model seemed to be in jeopardy. George remembered getting word of the assignment this way:

“Al said to me one day, ‘I need you to run Tempe Cascade.’

Then he added, ‘Don’t screw it up,’ and laughed that laugh of his.

Everyone who knows Al know just how ‘Al’ that is.”

From there, George went on to figure out the other businesses of Interstate Investments, including the sister parks, Silveridge and The Resort. He gives a lot of credit to Aileen Gunning and Leslie Jones, his colleagues at corporate headquarters, as well as to the park managers. “It’s a team effort,” he points out. “And it’s a first-rate team.”

Along the way, Al came to him to point out, “We need to get you some business cards. So we need a title.” George shrugged and said he hadn’t thought about it. Al replied, “Well, you’re out in the field all the time, so let’s say, Field Manager.” And that’s been his title… until now. Al is turning over the running of all his properties to George and his new management company, McGill Investments, where he is, simply, Owner.

George says this about Al LaCanne:

“He has been my mentor, and a great one. I will be forever grateful to have worked under his wing. He opened my eyes as to how a professional property management company is run. I am truly lucky to have been able to learn from THE BEST.”

– – – –


George was born in California, but grew up in the Valley. He went to Dobson High, then Mesa Community and ASU. His father is an entrepreneur who works in heavy machinery and George’s mother is a former social worker (“earning her degree while being a mom, between soccer practices”) who went on to become an interpreter (Spanish/English) for local hospitals. George and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters, Hannah and Lily.

We close with George’s thoughts on Silveridge:

“It’s been a trying year and I want to thank everyone at Silveridge for their patience. We are finally getting them what they deserve — we’ll soon have all the facilities up and running and better than ever.


GOOD NEWS, Part 1: The clubhouse is back! (Well, at least most of it. )

Rhonda tells us, “I was able to open the ballroom, social hall, kitchen and a partial section of the activities office. Silveridge residents are now enjoying the use of their new remodeled facilities. The billiards room will be open soon. Sometime late January or February I hope to have the business office, lobby, library, and card rooms opened back up and fully functioning. The business office will be getting remodeled also with a bright new look.”

GOOD NEWS, Part 2: There are 430 modems up and running, which means a majority of the homes have the new internet and cable TV service. The signal now reaches every corner of the park.

Still, work continues: There are lines to be buried and minor upgrades to be made. This requires that small parts of the park will lose service some weekdays (M-Thurs). Each of those days, service should be back up prior 6PM, after the workday ends and testing and rebalancing is completed.

Finding Your Happy Place In 2019

Letter From Sue

Every morning when getting ready for work I use an aromatherapy shower gel called “Happiness” It is a mix of bergamot and mandarin that energizes and puts me in a happy mood to start my day.

Whether starting a day or a New Year we make choices to be happy. As we have journeyed through this year we know there have been some challenges. Thank you to all of you who had an attitude of patience and pitched in to help whenever you were needed. It takes a deeper commitment in our walk to be able to “ rise above” wherever we are in our lives. Happiness is a day to day feeling where true joy comes from within the heart and is not affected by outside circumstances.

As we approach our new year I challenge you to think about finding your “Happy Place.” What is it that makes you feel vibrant and alive? What is your purpose at this time in your life? Write down those goals and share them with me. Let’s all start with an attitude of gratefulness; for when you are grateful you will be happy and joyful! Here’s a start to share with you a few of my happy /joyful thoughts : (and surprises!)

  • Coffee and Donuts are back every week starting January 4th!
  • William is back for set– ups starting January 1st!
  • Happy because of all the volunteer men who stacked and set up our new chairs. To all you who have helped with set up and tear down since the season began.
  • A big thank you to my set-up gals: Nancy, Lori and Madeline!
  • Our beautiful newly remodeled Center! Square One Builders and all the construction workers.
  • The Billiards room is open! Bingo begins January 3rd! Three months of fabulous entertainment: 12 Boogies, 3 Dinner Delights, Concerts, and Dinner Shows, Softball Spaghetti Dinner. Club and state so-cials, Anniversary party, Volunteer Appreciation , Free Movies, Our House Band, and so much more!
  • For all the support and encouragement in positive comments and gratefulness you have expressed in word, thought and deed. Thank you for all the Christmas cards, candy, and cookies and love gifts.
  • “Blessed” is the word to be able to live at Silveridge, The Friendliest Park in the West!