August Monsoon Photos

Check out the photos from the recent monsoon that hit Silveridge.





By Dale Dauten

“Yes, we’ve had a run of bad luck with the monsoon storms;
 but, on the other hand, we were truly lucky that no one got hurt.
Now we’re going to rebuild and make things better than ever.”
-Al LaCanne

When the phone rings at 1:30 at night, what are the odds that it’s good news? The Publishers Clearing House is not calling at 1:30 to tell you what you won. No, that late call is going to be rough, and that’s exactly what GM Rhonda Ciacco experienced earlier this month. The call was to tell her the roof at the Silveridge clubhouse was collapsing under the weight of a Noah-worthy storm, 3.7 inches of rain in an hour, along with howling winds.


After getting that 1:30AM call, Rhonda jumped into action. By 7AM the insurance adjuster was onsite, a man who impressed Rhonda with his knowledge – after all, he’d worked both Katrina and Sandy. By 8AM the restoration company arrived and started their work. Meanwhile the team from GDS managed to make the adjustments necessary to get the cable and internet back up.


Rhonda offered this assessment of the damage: “With everyone working long hours, we managed to minimize the immediate impact. But the offices were flooded, along with the ballroom, billiard room, card room and library.”


The restoration work continues. Meanwhile, the folks at The Resort are pitching in. As Rhonda put it, “We always call them ‘sister parks,’ and this is a situation where the sisters help each other.”

A mobile home outfitted as offices is on the way to Silveridge, but in the interim, Silveridge offices are temporarily operating out of The Resort.

All The Resort amenities — the pool and other facilities — are open to Silveridge residents.

Look for updates on the restoration work in upcoming editions of The Silveridge Sun.