June 2023 Newsletter

Bouncing back/Looking back…

A Visit with Teri Douglas


Dale Dauten

“I died three times. The first time I called 911 and passed out while talking to them. They used my cellphone signal to find me and they did chest compressions and the paddles and brought me back. Then I coded again in the ambulance. Again the paddles. Then, the third time was in the ER.


“Later I had two doctors ask me if I saw relatives or white lights but I don’t remember anything from when I called 911 until I came out of the coma.”


It was a joy to see Teri Douglas walking around the Activities Office. Yes, she had a cane for balance till she gets more strength back, and yes, she was wearing a portable defibrillator till she does more cardiac rehab, but still, she looked healthy and sounded happy. She laughed as she recalled the reactions from friends at the park: “When they did the chest compressions they broke my ribs, so for a while giving hugs hurt a little.” She added, “The problem is that all the shocks and the lack of blood to my brain affected my memory and so I’m going to need people to reintroduce themselves.” (Photo: Teri outside the Activities office in late May)

But Teri’s memory was working just fine when we sat down to reflect on last season’s events at the park. Knowing that she loves photography, we’d ask her to do a special feature for The Silveridge Sun, to look back over her photos from the season and pick a dozen or so favorites. We’re pleased to pass them along below. We won’t try to name everyone in the photos, especially given that she enjoyed getting pictures of the crowds at events, but we added a few of the memories that came flooding back as Teri went over her selections.


Fun night at the pickleball courts. (When we complimented Teri on this photo she said modestly, “The camera shouldn’t do things it does.” She also added that there are also plans for a photography club starting-up in the Fall.)

Below are a couple of photos from the street dance, which was to feature a pair of food trucks. The problem was that one of the trucks got in an accident on the way to the event, so only one truck turned up. But, as Teri recalled, “They really worked hard and did a great job. In the photo of the truck, you can see a row of pictures of food items and as they ran out, they’d just take down a photo.”
Some of Teri’s favorite crowd shots: first, a pair of poolside get-togethers – one of the Happy Hours and a karaoke, followed by a Veteran’s Day event.
One of the dances, this one featuring the Buddy Holly tribute band “Come Back Buddy”
Water volleyball. (Teri pointed out a detail in this photo you might overlook – the purple ball high over the net.)
Fun night on the tennis courts
Ugly sweaters bringing out great smiles
More favorite crowd shots – a karaoke night and the John Denver tribute band
The performance by the Highland High Strolling Strings – Teri noted that the young musicians were not just on stage but spread across the room. She tells us that they’ll be back next season.
A shot from the Ceramics Room, featuring the chess set Jill and Lou Tovar made – he did the board, she did the pieces.
Shuffle Board Social
And, finally…

Many of the park’s events feature a picture booth and that’s where you were likely to find Teri. She singled out this one because it features Kevin and Joy Reski – it’s Joy and her crew that do the decorating, including the photo backgrounds.

We’re all hoping Teri and her camera will be back next season to once again take on her role as Assistant Activities Director. When we asked if she thought she would be up to it, we were delighted to hear her say, “I’m planning on it.”


Between now and then there’s cardiac rehab and physical therapy but we can report that her laugh and her spark are already all the way back.

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