April 2020 Newsletter

Going The Extra Mile to Fight the Coronavirus

By Dale Dauten

The priority of the management team at Silveridge and The Resort is to keep the environment as safe as possible for residents and employees.

George Igualt announced this week that he has secured the services of a company that treats buildings with a special EPA-registered fog capable of killing viruses, including Covid-19. All the public spaces and offices at both The Resort and Silveridge will be treated in the coming days. Details are in the article that follows.

After treatment, facilities must close for 24-hours, but will then reopen. Watch for announcements.

When Paul Schmadeke first heard of the Coronavirus, he thought of his restoration business – his company comes in after floods and fires — and how he needs special chemicals to fight mold and viruses that can follow such disasters. That’s when he said to himself, “Man, I better get some – there could be shortages.” Wise man. “I called around,” he told us, “and I found one case of gallon bottles at one supplier and one other case of another brand at another supplier. Since you only use one or two ounces in the liquid for the fogger, I now have a good supply.”

It happened that the parks have used Paul’s services previously, and George was able to get onto Paul’s overbooked calendar. Here’s the plan for the parks: The cleaning crew will go in and do a deep cleaning, with emphasis on touch points. Then, Paul and his team from Five-Star Carpet Cleaning and Restoration will go in with their fogging equipment equipped with anti-microbial spray. They will do the offices as well as meeting places, including places like the billiard rooms, and everywhere else. They will even fog into the ductwork for the HVAC system.

Then, the spaces will remain closed for a day while the fog does its work and the rooms are safe to reenter. This is scheduled for March 31st and April 1st, so check for announcements.

Another Great Season at Silveridge

Activities Director Sue Arneson offered us her reflections on the past season and also sent along some recent photos. Enjoy! But first…

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Embracing What

We Have

Message From Sue,

     Activity Director & Editor

Dear Friends,

Sharon and I want to thank you for a great season of Food, Fellowship and Fun!

Thanks to Armand Gagnier, our MC, and all the Silveridge talented performers, the Variety show was a big hit! Don Staker made DVD’s of the show and they will be for sale for $10.00 next season. Fortunately, we only had to cancel a few events. To all of you talented Crafters and Club leaders, we will be looking forward to your handiwork at our Residents Craft Fair next season. Bingo will have lots of money to give away starting in November! If you had Boogie tickets to Johnny K , Dancing with the Stars or the Volunteer Dinner please keep your tickets for an exchange to another event of equal value. Watch for my Summer Newsletter and the Ticket Order list online in August.. You will love what I have planned for you next season! You will be able to pre-order your tickets just like previous years.

We do have so much to be thankful for. Let’s embrace the memories that we made this season. Many friendships were formed, lots of delicious meals were made and served by Jerry, Tracy and volunteers. Our volunteer leaders helped us grow in physical, mental and spiritual health. Many newcomers were welcomed with personal visits and gifts. Thank you for all your support with buying tickets for the entertainment. I could not book the quality entertainment without your support in purchasing tickets. It’s a Win -Win! A shout out to Rhonda; our GM, and all the staff who serve us to make Silveridge our Happy Home.

It is easy to take for granted all our blessings. Some of you grew up during the depression and World War II. Mom reminded me that items like gas, sugar, coffee, chocolate, and money were in short supply. People stayed home because they could not afford the gas to drive. Babysitters were the older siblings watching the younger ones. My parents took us with them to dances and we fell asleep on the benches! As an adult, my appreciation grows deeper every year as I contemplate how lucky we are to have our freedom and the amenities that freedom brings!

As we “hunker down” this summer let’s embrace what we have and enjoy the simple pleasures of family , faith and fun. As for me, I plan on reading some good books and talking to the loons while eating chocolates! Stay healthy, safe and hopeful. We will communicate through the online newsletter, Silveridge Connect, Silveridge.com, email, messaging and by letter. It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later!


Spring at the dog park

Canada Day – Bob Elmer and the House Band

Concerts – Adventures in Parrotdise,

Jeff & Sue

The Watsons with “Neil Diamond”

The Variety Show, Waylon (Jerry Collins) and Marilyn (Tracy Gagnier)

Teams – Softball

Men’s Billiards

Water Aerobics Leaders


Clubs – Ceramics Easter Egg Making and Rosie Betts with the Winning Quilt

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