June 2019 Newsletter

 Better Than Ever

By Dale Dauten, Syndicated Columnist

“When the winter residents return in the Fall, I think they are going to see a huge improvement.”

That’s George Igualt’s assessment as the reconstruction of the Silveridge clubhouse has progressed to where new furniture is being moved in.

“We wanted to make sure that we got the furniture just right,” he explained. “It’s been a Goldilocks process. We wanted everything to be comfortable but not so soft that you can’t get up. And we wanted the new tables to be easy to use with a laptop – not too high and not too low.

“What’s arrived so far is getting rave reviews. Everyone particularly likes the new tables. We have gotten first three in, with more to come. And we’ll be getting some seating groups around the new TVs that we’ve ordered – those chairs will add some color. Plus, we’ll get some artwork up.”

He added (referring to Rhonda Ciacco, GM for both Silveridge and The Resort), “We need Rhonda for the final design decisions – she has a much better eye.”

George makes use of one of the new tables

George also pointed at an empty wall next to the windows that look onto the courtyard. He grinned and added, “And what will make some people really happy is that the old maroon and gold wallpaper is gone. From Day One, when it first went up, there were people who hated that wallpaper. They’d say, ‘What have you done to the walls?’ Now that it’s gone, I had someone say to me, ‘It took the roof collapsing, but we got rid of that wallpaper.’”

We asked George what else Silveridge residents can look forward to getting done over the summer. His summary follows:

“We’re buttoning up the internet and cable TV,” he said. “There is still background work going on, but the system is working great.

“Speaking of the internet, I was looking back on our records and Al LaCanne has been dreaming of high-speed internet for years. It was back in ’07 that he had repeaters put on poles to try to get wi-fi throughout the park. That didn’t work like he hoped, but he kept at it and now we have something that is special, something you won’t see most other places.”

“Then, over the summer, we’ll be working on the entrance – it will be repaired and painted.

“Plus, we’re having the streets resurfaced. That’s one of the most expensive maintenance items we have, and yet it’s something most people don’t notice.” With that, George passed along a photo of where part of the street has been redone, giving us a nice before-and-after.

George summed up the work by saying, “Our goal is to make people happy and I can’t wait for everyone to see what going on.”

We’ll continue to bring you updates over the summer.