October Newsletter 2018


By Dale Dauten

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.”


We got a tour of the Silveridge clubhouse last week, led by the man in charge of putting it back together, Ryan Ridenour. Here’s our conclusion from that tour: You do not want Ryan’s job. Not only are there projects-within-projects everywhere you look, there are engineers to be consulted, insurance administrators to be satisfied and layers of municipal and county red tape to be mastered.

Ryan Ridenour

BUT, none of that phases Ryan. He smiled at the challenge as he told us, “This is my specialty. I worked ten years on mining equipment, then new home construction, then commercial, then I found my niche — large-loss commercial disaster claims. This is what I do.”

And Ryan found the place to do it in his employer, Square One Builders, of which he says, “Most construction companies can’t do what we do. They’re used to starting from scratch. What we do is harder because we have to match what was there before.” He pointed to the wall next to where we were standing, what used to be the back of the lobby: “For instance, you see the texture on that wall. If you’re doing new construction you do it the way you’re used to doing it. But for us, we have to figure out what they were doing and then do it the same way so it’s an exact match.”

The upshot is that Silveridge is in good hands. But, despite that, Ryan can’t yet offer a target date for completion of the repairs. We got the sense that he’d have the work halfway done if he could just jump in, but he has to wait to the insurance adjusters, three types of engineers (structural, architectural and mechanical) and the city.

Here’s one example of how the restrictions are affecting the work: Instead of installing temporary offices in a construction trailer, they are now in a portable storage unit, let’s call it the Office in a Box. Why? Because a construction trailer calls for a greater power load and therefore requires a city permit. To save time, they went with the box you see just outside the clubhouse entrance.

The temporary “Office in a box”

(In the interior photos you can see Sue, Kay and Kim working side-by-side. We found them in good spirits as they joked about the close quarters. I asked how the residents are taking the disruption and they said many neighbors had rallied round, including Janet Ross who’d recently stopped by with cookies. That caused Sue to say, “But we have to be careful – if any of us gains weight, we won’t fit in here.” Then she thought better of that comment and added, “No, don’t write that – we love it when people bring us food.”)


1. While we’re all curious about what’s going on at the beloved clubhouse, Ryan and Rhonda want to emphasize safety. Ryan said this: “We have to stress public safety. We had to change the combination on the locks on the fence because the combination got out and we found someone wandering around inside. We have cranes and dumpsters, and cables everywhere, and there is a real safety issue.”

2. Kim of the Post Office asked us to let those out-of-town residents know that they have been unable to forward second and third class mail. That means newspapers and magazine are being held for you. Meanwhile, first class mail is being forwarded, as usual.


So, even though we don’t have a date for everything to be back to normal, we do know this…

1. Owner Al LaCanne is determined to make the place better than ever, and will be incorporating upgrades along the way. For instance, one of the first upgrades you’ll see is a new hardwood dance floor.

New oak flooring (it’ll be the darkest color) and carpet

2. Even though rebuilding the roof over the Lobby requires engineers and permits, there was only water damage to most other areas and these will be reopening first. You can already see where the drywall has been replaced in the ballroom and other areas. Temporary walls will be going up so the ballroom and social hall can reopen as soon as possible.

3. The kitchen did not suffer significant damage. Because power to the building was out, all the appliances have to be assessed and tested, but the kitchen should be ready when the ballroom and social hall reopens.

4. Many of the items that were inside the main building have come through without damage. The billiard tables are fine, even the books in the library are okay. There is a row of portable building beside the clubhouse, full of objects waiting to go back in. And one last thing: those trademark entry doors stood strong and are standing by, awaiting the big reopening ceremony.

 Ryan has offered to give us regular updates on progress. Look for his reports in upcoming issues of The Silveridge Sun.


Is Your Glass Half Full?

Activities Director,
Sue Arneson

It has been an eventful summer at our Silveridge home. What a disappointment that Silver Center was damaged in the monsoon storms. I feel your pain. Now more than ever we need to pull together and keep a positive attitude about our season. You have heard the expression “Is your glass half -full or half- empty? I am challenging you to be an optimist and look at the glass as half-full! So with a glass half- full of positive mental expectancy, here are some facts and changes only for October, November and December.

  • The roof caving in was an act of God and Nature. No one expected it to happen and I know that everything would have been done to avoid it! Although the separate out buildings were spared and some of the areas in our Silver Center were not damaged, the ballroom and social hall had extensive damage. As they say, “It is what it is.” Now on to repairing and dealing with the solutions to the problems. Rhonda is working night and day working with inspectors, structural and electrical engineers, permits, etc. to make things happen as quickly as possible. There are so many variables and things to be done before the Center can be safe for all of us. A big thank you to the summer care people who helped inform us and secure our homes. To all those who helped where needed, thank you. Kudos to all the park employees and contractors who have worked hard over the summer on repairs. Please be courteous to them as they continue to work through the year.
  • This directly affects our Activities and as your director I am asking to please support me with your patience, and understanding. This is an inconvenience to all of us. We have had 8 fantastic years and I know that this year will be a challenging year – A year that will require all residents to be team players and to be kind in your thoughts, words and deeds.
  •  At this time there will be no changes to our Ticket Order list other than the location which will be at our sister park, The Resort. How fortunate we are to have a place to go! In most parks activities would have to be shut down completely. At this time I am working closely with Rhonda and the activity director at the Resort on coordinating our events. My vision is that we will be able to get to know our sister park residents better. Through the years several from the Resort have attended our functions and vice versa. We are more alike than different — we want to enjoy the sunshine in the winter months, appreciate our friendships and make new friends, get involved in activities and clubs, and enjoy the entertainment and good food. Rhonda will let everyone know immediately when we can resume activities in the Center. All dances, the Fish Fry and our Christmas show will be at the Resort. Coffee and Donuts and the Welcome Back events will be at Silveridge poolside. Our Veterans Day ceremony will remain at Silveridge on Nov 11th. Movies and our House Band will remain in our theater. There will be no Bingo, Sat morning Breakfasts, Halloween dance, Craft Fair in Dec. or Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners in the Ballroom. I will let you know about the New Year’s Eve dance. You may want to attend some of the Resorts functions that we are not offering these 3 months.
  • Tickets: You will need to purchase your tickets at my office at the Resorts Activity office from Sharon and my volunteers. Some of you have already sent in your Ticket Order list and check for the season. If you have already sent in checks for yourself or group we will hang on to them for you. Then when you arrive we will confirm your order or write a new check if there are any changes on your list. It is my hope that you will still attend our fun dinner dances, Christmas Show and all the events you desire. Continue to send in your Ticket Order Lists but only fill out and pay for the events for October, November and December. I normally encourage you to pre-buy for the year. This year will work better to “pay as you go.” You know that I spend months of planning to bring you the best in top-notch entertainment — and I can do that for you because of your generosity in buying tickets. My goals is to leave every show in place with no changes. It would be a big disappointment to have to cancel shows.
  • I know that you will continue to support our activities. I recommend that until we know when we can resume our functions at Silveridge that you pool together with your friends and decide weekly what events you want to attend. The seating charts will remain the same. As in the past we will try to honor your seating choices but know there is no guarantee. The ballroom at the Resort is bigger and there is an atrium and an upstairs for additional seating.
  • Food Events and Volunteers: My glass is “full to the brim” in thanksgiving that Jerry and Tracy and our volunteers who will be able to serve us for our food functions! Tracy has already sent out the schedule and volunteer sign up forms. I realize that there will be times that you cannot volunteer but I am asking you to please consider helping whenever you can. Jerry and Tracy have worked many hours behind the scenes to make things happen with our food functions. I know you have heard it before but know once again that we cannot function without our volunteers! I so appreciate all of our volunteers in whatever capacity you volunteer. You are the glue that makes it possible to carry out our activities. Thank you in advance for helping keep our activities running and successful and fun for all!
  •  Driving: I know it is an inconvenience to drive to the Resort. I hear you! The good news is that it is only ½ mile from Silveridge to the Resort. (1101 S. Ellsworth ) Carpooling is the way to go; taking turns on who is driving and having a DD (designated driver) I know how we like to party! Rhonda assures me that there are enough spaces for parking. I am working on ideas for transporting the handicapped residents to the front door if they have to park a bit farther away from the front door. I am looking for a parking attendant. If you feel this might be you, please let me know.
  • Most of the Clubs that do not meet in the Ballroom or Social Hall will be able to resume their normal activities- minus any food functions or events that are hosted in the Center. Computer Club will meet in the theater on Mondays. Exercise groups that normally meet in the ballroom will meet in the Exercise room next to the Fitness Room. Pool activities will remain at the pool. Unfortunately the library, card room, billiard, and resident’s computer room were damaged. Those rooms will be unavailable until the clubhouse reopens. Club and other group activity leaders, please check in with me when you arrive for available meeting rooms and schedules.
  • Let us remember that this is all temporary and just a bump in the road. I am choosing to look at the glass as “half-full” not “half- empty”. I am asking you to join me with your support and understanding and whatever it takes to keep our season together. You know that I care so much for all of you. My motto has always been “With kindness do what is good and what is right for the people”. Together we can make this work. Let us all have a Glass not just half- full, but FULL! Full of Fun and Fellowship and meeting new friends along the way. A glass Full with a positive attitude knowing how blessed we are to live in the United States and Canada! Sharon and I are looking forward to seeing you after October 1st at my temporary office at the Resort.
 Of course Jeff and I will see you around Silveridge!
Your Activity Director,


Here’s the latest from Chris Castro of GDS:

“Things are the same. We’re going as fast as we can. Solving problems. New equipment being installed daily.”

Having heard questions about the burying of cables, Chris said this: “It’s going to look ugly for a while, but it will they’ll start disappearing. We’re getting everything stabilized and ready for everyone to come back.”

So the upshot is that the work is proceeding, with not much new news. We do, however, have this, a photo Rhonda took of GDS’s construction leader, Tim Furlong, still working despite the recent rainstorms.