The SilverScreen

Our theater is open year round for your viewing pleasure!! And its free too!

A big thank you to Gary Bryant who has run the movies all summer and all the popcorn volunteers. Gary tries hard to vary the movies so there is something for everyone. If you have any suggestions call Gary at #480-221-9263 or email him at Gary < Let him know if you want to help with running the movies as he can email you a calendar and you can fill in when you can work. Marcy LaValley is assisting with the popcorn schedule until more volunteers arrive. Do watch for movie showings on the park channel, on the marquee by the theater and on the activity board. Movies are being shown on Wednesdays at 1:00pm and Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00pm. How about bringing your honey and calling it a date night!

How many of you know that the theater has the NFL package (700’s) as well as ESPN? The theater is available to watch sports, but not on a movie day or night. For the month of November please let me know if there is a sport that you want to watch and we can open the theater and turn on the equipment. Because of the valuable equipment the theater is locked at all times unless there is a scheduled showing for movies, or sports. Only trained operators may run the equipment!  There will be a training day in the future for all operators. The theater is available to all of us. In order to keep things running smoothly a few rules have been established

1) The theater cannot be reserved for a private party for a sports game. Anyone can watch any games. If more than one party wants to watch different sports , the majority rules (over 6)  for watching The BIG SCREEN The 8 side televisions are available (without sound) to watch any other sports that may be playing at the same time.

2) Please see me if you want to reserve the sports Big Screen for a game. I try to accommodate everyone with their requests but with more residents in the park at this time of the year please be understanding.You may book a private party if it is not during the time of a movie or a previously booked sport event. It is a good idea to book early!

3) If you have visiting guests they are welcome to come but they must be accompanied by you ( the resident.)

4)  If you have a private party 90% of the participants must live in the park.

5) Out of park guests may rent the theater at $250.00 for 4 hours, $50.00 for each hour after, and a $500.00 deposit paid in advance. (as set by the Home office)

Let’s all enjoy our new theater and don’t forget to bring your popcorn bowls!