January 2020 Newsletter

A visit with…

Two Members of the Silveridge Team

By Dale Dauten, Syndicated Columnist

“Some people look for a beautiful place,

others make a place beautiful.”  H. I. Khan 


Today we get to visit with two of the folks responsible for keeping Silveridge not only beautiful but functioning smoothly: Salvador Licia and Omar Espinoza. They’re two members of the team led by Rhonda Ciacco and Tim Furlong. Rhonda offered these thoughts about the two:

“Salvador has been a maintenance employee since before I was the Maintenance Manager at Silveridge and today continues to be a highly valued employee.

“Omar is a new employee this year, the day he started in maintenance I knew that he was going to be a go-getter for the park. He has proven himself and everything he does he does with pride in his job.”

They’re not only helpful to the staff at Silveridge but to the residents, as well. If you spot something amiss at the park, you can fill out a Work Order report at the Front Desk.

In addition, they do side jobs for residents. We asked Omar and Salvador what sort of residents’ projects they get asked to work on and they mentioned water leaks and other plumbing issues, landscape chores like trimming or removing trees and bushes, moving cabinets and other furniture, and cleaning gutters, yards or homes.

We were looking for an image about home improvements and came across one (from a Florida company, Avery Construction) featuring a repair Omar and Salvador haven’t tackled…

Both men went to school in Mesa, and they had similar paths to their work at Silveridge:

Salvador Licia

Salvador started out doing restaurant work, then joined his uncle, who had a company framing houses. Then, eight years ago, a friend told him that they needed help at the RV parks. Rhonda (Maintenance Manager at the time) hired him to work at Silveridge, where he spent two years there, then went to The Resort for four, then he’s been back at Silveridge for two. Along the way he had two kids – they’re now 10 and 13.

Omar Espinoza

Omar also started out in restaurant work. He got married and had his first child while in high school, so he went to work at 16, taking a job at Carl’s Jr. (Omar has six kids, ages two to 18.) He left Carl’s to do construction work, then went back, then quit for a construction job, then went back. He says, “I quit. I go back. I quit. I go back.”

While at Carl’s he’d held just about every job in the store, from cashier to cook to store manager. He decided to join the staff at Silveridge so that he could have more regular hours… six kids, after all.

The regular hours start early for Omar and Salvador – they’re out at 5AM to open the doors and make the pool ready. Then they’re off to handle routine maintenance and to tend to the Work Orders waiting for them. The biggest of those projects in recent memory was fixing a leak in the main water line – it meant digging a hole as deep as they are tall.

Asked what they like best about Silveridge, the men agreed on this: “The people. They’re friendly people. They’re good people.”



Message From Sue

Activity Director & Editor

It was a cloudy and over cast day as we were traveling into Seattle to see the sights. It had been a dream vacation of completing our goal of seeing all 50 states. We were on our way home and feeling down as our adventure was coming to an end. All of a sudden our friend shouted “ Look, the mountain is out!” Previously we had been trying to catch a glimpse of Mount Hood or Rainier with no luck. So, on our final day the sun finally broke through and there, in all its glory, was the top of Rainier!

Living in the Midwest most of my life, I was awe struck when we moved to Arizona and were surrounded by mountains. We experience the same euphoric moment when the sun breaks out over the Superstitions! So what does it mean to live like the mountain is out? To me it means to “Live it up”, to do the things that matter to you; savor the moments and time you have left on this earth. Remember the movie “The Bucket List”? Whether it be skydiving or climbing a mountain, I challenge you to make 2020 the year to do something you have never done before!

Get Involved! Here are a few ideas to challenge you:

Since we are writing about mountains, how about joining one of the hiking groups?

Explore the mountains and deserts and see wildlife and gorgeous scenery. What about going to a mountain top? There are two groups; one for walking and one for more arduous hikes.

Instead of a physical goal, consider a mental goal. They say that card games such as mahjong increases your brain cells and helps prevent Alzheimers. How about volunteering in the library?

You may surprise yourself and find that you have a hidden talent. A resident who has never painted recently joined the Open Art Class and painted a picture of her grandchild. At 92, my Mother painted her own Christmas card this year.

Kudos to our Welcome Wagon ladies who make up love gifts and go to the new people in our park to welcome them. Serving the community though acts of kindness and prayer ( Ladies Bible Study) helps lift up our community. Volunteering moves mountains! Whether it be washing dishes in the kitchen or leading one of the clubs, it is your personal way of letting your light shine. Stepping out in faith and out of your comfort zone is scary. However it gives your life a center, a focus that will expand your horizons and make a difference in your life and the lives of others. Don’t worry, if you need help or guidance in your new goal. There are mentors to train and encourage you along the way.

All the activities are listed in the activity line up sheet that you can pick up at the activity office. Come to the club Expo on January11th from 8:00 -10:00am. ( and stay for breakfast) All the activities will be represented promoting and sharing what their club is all about. With all that we have to offer, you can find your happy place. They say you only have one life to live, so why sit around and waste the precious time you have left? 2020 is a new year. I challenge you to “Live like the Mountain is Out.” It may be a hard climb but you can only imagine the amazing view from the top!