Silveridge Sun – Special Edition – Monsoon 2018


The Aftermath & The Good News

By Dale Dauten

The good news: No one was hurt. And none of the facilities were damaged. All the offices, amenities and services are up and running.

The name “microburst” just doesn’t seem right. If you’re in one, it’s major and there’s nothing micro about it.

Year-round Silveridge residents got to experience something major last week. Here’s a photo of the storm taken from the local CBS station’s news helicopter. (The microburst would be just one area inside the bigger storm, where the shaft of air slams into the ground.)

We’ll take a look at what happened at Silveridge, but first, Park GM Rhonda Ciacco asked that we issue this…



Rhonda: “Storms bring out the scammers. Whether or not you’ve had damage, they’ll call you up and say they are from your insurance company and need access to the park and your home. If you get a call from someone saying they’re with your insurance company, and you haven’t contacted them first, HANG UP and then call your insurance agent.”


The storm hit Silveridge in the late afternoon of Monday, July 10th, unleashing intense winds. (A microburst is a down-shaft of air, hitting the ground with the force capable of producing winds of over 100 mph.)

Here are a couple of the photos Rhonda took of the damage.



Rhonda knew she was into a major project within minutes of the storm arriving. The Maintenance staff had gone home for the day, so she placed calls to each one and within ten minutes (!), they had all assembled. (The Maintenance Manager, Kelly, has been out the last few weeks, dealing with health issues, so Rhonda has added the job of interim Maintenance Manager.)

They jumped in, starting with making the streets passable, assisted by many of the year-round residents. Rhonda told us, “It was great to see how the people at Silveridge were so willing to help.” She extended her thanks to summer-care folks, saying, “They were there, making sure they did everything they could for the residents. A big thank-you to them.”

At midnight that night, Rhonda sent the crew home, knowing that they would be back at their usual starting time of 5AM. She carried on through most of the night, helping residents and assessing what the maintenance team should start on the next day.


The total number of homes damaged at Silveridge stands at 14. Rhonda anticipates that the repair work will go into the season, as damage at other surrounding parks means that there will a waiting list for some repairs. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there were no known injuries. Indeed, most of the property damage was limited to carports and Arizona rooms. The park’s buildings and facilities were not damaged.

Thanks to Rhonda and her team and everyone who pitched in, the park is well on its way to being put back together.