March Newsletter 2018


The latest in our series..
The Silveridge Librarians
“The Honor System”
By Dale Dauten & Sandy Murphy

 You know you’re living among quality people when you not only have an active library for a community full of book lovers, but when that library is always open and completely on the honor system. Shirley Walters, one of the leaders of the volunteer librarians, tells us, “There’s no checkout procedure. People can take as long as they need to read a book. We don’t charge fines either!” Further, “The library doesn’t have regular hours. It’s open all the time.”

Shirly & Deb

Late last year, Audrey Eiler stepped down as head librarian after three years of service. That’s when Shirley, along with her “saving grace,” Deb Scherbring, took over as leaders of the team of volunteers. Shirley explained how they work: “We have seven volunteers, one for each day of the week, plus one for evenings and substitutes.”

Going around the table, left to right: Shelley Etienne, Mary Klonecki, Janet Andersen, Kris Popilek, Judy Ward, Joy Ricci, Lillian MacCannell, Germaine Lowe, Leona Farrell, Loretta Grudt, Deb Scherbring, and Shirley Walters. (Missing: Myrna Harrison.)

Most of the books in the library have been donated by residents, enough to keep the collection fresh. “If the copyright date is older than 2002,” Shirley explained, “we often take them to the Book Vault for them to sell. They give us a credit so we can buy other, newer books. Right now, we have a $1,300 credit.”
“Sometimes we get duplicates so we share with The Resort. I check with them before we take books to the Book Vault too,” Shirley adds. “The volunteers are kept busy with receiving donations, labeling the books with stickers and shelving them.”

The library also benefits from other support. One recent example: “When I got here, we just had a stepladder, only two steps high. The ladies couldn’t reach the upper shelves. It was a hazard. With funds from the Renters Association we were able to purchase a taller ladder. Also, the woodworking group here at Silveridge will help us by making shelves for books we want to showcase. Right now, Sue Grafton books are in demand.” (Grafton passed away in December 2017, ending her popular alphabet-titled mystery series with Y is for Yesterday.)</p[>


When asked if the library had current needs, Shirley said, “We always need large print books. And we could use little colored stickers to put on the spine so people can see what kind of book it is.”


Take time to stop by the library and see what’s new. There might be another puzzle. Bring a book to donate, take one to read. And if you have any little colored stickers, bring them along.

When she moved into Silveridge last year, Shirley Walters went to the Activities Department to offer her help and the dialog went something like this:
“Do you need any help with the library?”
“Do you have any experience?”
“I had a career as a Library Technician.”
“You’re it!”
While Shirley is from Alberta, Canada and studied at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, she married an oil man from Texas. That’s how she ended up spending most of her library career in Houston, with a long spell along the way in Anchorage, where she also headed the city’s Library Board.
During those years she’d also made regular visits to her sister, who was living in Silveridge.
Last year, still in Houston, her husband having passed and her children having moved away, she faced a choice: Back to Canada or on to Silveridge? She remembered the time her husband had asked her where she wanted to live and she declared, “Somewhere warm.” With that in mind, she made her choice, bought a park model at Silveridge and settled in. Then she put her library skills to work.
THE PUZZLE ON THE WALL (with thanks to Kim Gulvas for this report)
Last June, Bill and Sheila Bishop donated a jigsaw puzzle that kept the summer residents both busy and frustrated. With 5,000 pieces and an intricate picture, more than one person was ready to admit defeat. As the season got going, more folks were on hand to help with the hard parts. The goal was to finish it by Christmas. In spite of how difficult it was, the last piece fell into place on November 17th.
It’s been specially coated, framed and now hangs in the library for all to enjoy. Thanks go to Gladys Boyd, a puzzle fan, who donated money to make the frame. Chuck Fisher’s talent created it; Kim Gulvas did the special coating on the puzzle and painted its frame. Kim and Chuck hung the puzzle in the library on Christmas Day.

Volunteers: Olympic Heroes
Sue’s Message, From Activity Director Sue Arneson


Start your Impossible
Strength comes from my Struggle
Start a New Finish Line
With the winter Olympics in PyeongChang coming to a close I am reminded of the strength, dedication and years of practice that these young athletes endure to win a medal for their country. Some go home a hero, others to retire or start training again for the next Olympics. Either way, they go home a winner for giving their very best.
Our successful 2017-2018 season will soon be coming to an end. It is my privilege to give recognition to the real heroes of Silveridge:
Our Volunteers. They give their time, energy, and talent to serve
others. You have heard it before that our park works because of the volunteers! Our theme this year is Volunteers– Heroes with a Heart. You are our hero because you are a person who is admired or ideal-ized for your courage and achievements and noble qualities. You volunteer from the heart. Whether it be washing dishes in the kitchen or leading a Sig computer group being a “gold medal decorator”, or whatever your passion is, you do it professionally and with a smile as you serve others.
Many of you volunteer your time in unseen ways when you drive a resident to the doctor or help them buy groceries. The Carolers always find the time during Christmas to visit and sing to those who are homebound.
Kudos to those of you who are new to volunteering and are replacing volunteers who are taking on new goals or moving on to different opportunities. Thank you to those volunteers who have served for years and thank you to the “newbies”. The way you learn is by doing and we have wonderful mentors to guide the way. Just ask! A special thank you Jerry Colling our head cook and Tracy Gagnier, head volunteer coordi-nator and all the kitchen volunteers who bring a new meaning to our food and fellowship along with our en-tertainment. I appreciate my new assistant Sharon Beatty who learned a new job and did it with a smile! Thank you William Shelton for thousands of chair set-ups (and all of you who give him a hand after coffee) I appreciate my “balcony friends” who always lift me up. To Mom who takes a number at my door to spend a few minutes of important time with me. Someone asked my husband Jeff what he did in retirement, and he said” I sit home and wait for Sue to call!” Thank you honey for being my hero volunteer!
You are Silveridge’s unspoken heroes. Now let me honor you with recognition, food and entertainment at our Volunteer Appreciation Party. It is your turn to take a stand on the podium and claim your gold medal!
Volunteer Party
Thursday March 22nd, 4:30pm
All Volunteers who have served 15 hours or more throughout the year please stop by the Activity Office and fill out the volunteer sheet and pick up your complimentary ticket. A delicious dinner will be served with entertainment entitled “The Music of Heroes Show” by “Six Feet Up” If your spouse or partner was unable to volunteer they may purchase a ticket at the Activity Desk for $12.00 Water, ice and coffee plus table settings will be furnished. The success of our 2017-2018 season has been because of you, our gracious volunteers. Thank you!