October Newsletter

The Silveridge Sun

Summer Rewind

By Sue Arneson

The first day of fall is almost here! Are you ready for a season of Celebration, renewed friendships, and having fun with your Silveridge family? I am! Many of you are already packing and getting your ticket order lists together. We are ready for you and will be ready greet you on October 2nd. Enjoy a few photos from the summer Silveridge residents. For those who sent me pictures on my work email, I will post those in the Nov. newsletter. Travel safely and I will see you soon!

taco night
taco night
taco night

Happy resident

residents road trip

fun in the sun

resident with babe
grandmother and grandchild

fun in the sun
fun in the sun

Kim with the mail

And from the Water Aerobics group…

water aerobics club picture

Nita Dressel says, “We exersice so we can do this – lunch at The Cheesecake Factory”

lunch at cheesecake factory


Along with the summer photos is a repeat of the the 2017-2018 Ticket Order List that we included with last month’s newsletter. Here again are my thoughts:

Have I got a lineup for you!! It is always my hope and prayer that you will love all the entertainment along with the good food that Chef Jerry prepares just for you. Head kitchen volunteer coordinator, Tracy Gagnier is already scheduling our hard working kitchen volunteers.

Sharon Beatty, my new assistant and I will look forward to receiving your ticket order lists via email, mail or in person. Remember that we will start receiving and processing your orders when we open on October 2nd.

* Please fill out one ticket order list individually (or couple). You may send in a group of lists together enclosed with all the lists. Make sure to write your name, phone & lot #, table preferences and “seated with” if you want to sit with a group. We try our best to give you the seats of your choice – or at least in the same area.

Please enclose a check for the amount owed made out to Silveridge Activities. Ticket orders requests will be taken in order that they are received. Please do not email orders until October 2nd. You may mail orders in to arrive by October 2nd. No orders will be pulled until then.

Thank you for your understanding. You can also buy tickets when you return. Don’t wait too long as some events sell out. Feel free to call us if you have any questions at 480-373-7700. Thank you in advance for buying tickets and all your support and enthusiasm for our activities!

Click the picture below to download the PDF

Ticket order form

Click Here


By Dale Dauten


Doug continues his quest for everyone in both The Resort and Silveridge to have great HD TV service. He started with the year-round residents, and now, as others return, he helps them get connected. “Mostly everything is fine, but if there’s a problem, it’s evident,” he reports. “They might be missing channels at first, but I’m able to fix it and make sure everything is set.”

The only issue has come from residents who hook up their own cable: “I really want to make sure it’s done right, one home at a time. It isn’t so much a problem now, but when the internet is running, we need to make sure there isn’t noise coming into the system from a unit that isn’t properly hooked up or that has internal problems.”

Once you know when you’ll be arriving, please contact the Front Desk and they’ll get you on Doug’s calendar.


If you’re in residence at The Resort, you’ll be getting high-speed internet soon. Doug has completed the big project there, the one he refers to as “the beast” – that’s his work to insure quality by splitting the whole-park system at The Resort into three smaller systems. That meant boring for 600 feet of new two-inch conduit, then pulling 650 feet of cable through those new pipes.

underground wiring for cable

Meanwhile, Cox has installed the remaining equipment needed to make the system work. The photos below show the equipment that connects the internal circuits to the internet and the larger box holds the CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) which, Doug explains, “That’s what lets the modems in the park talk to the outside web.”

underground wiring for cable
underground wiring for cable

The upshot is that Doug has begun testing the new internet prior to hooking up Resort residents. So, the beast has been tamed – BRAVO! to Doug for all his work.

While The Resort’s internet is being tested, internet at Silveridge is not far behind. Doug tells us, “Last month, we were waiting on Cox and I said I feel like a sailboat sitting there waiting for a wind. Well, we just got a breeze coming up: Cox plans to connect the fiber cable to Silveridge the first week of October. After that we can get rolling.” Stay tuned.