November Newsletter


Dale Dauten, Syndicated Columnist


The residents at Silveridge are here to have fun and we’re here to help. There are days when I’ll be in my office and I hear the music start up, then I’ll walk over and see people dancing and I just have to smile, to be a part of it.

Sue Isbell, Office Manager

I can attest that Sue Isbell had to smile just thinking about the residents of Silveridge having fun. I visited her recently to discuss her time at Silveridge and the path that led her to us.

Silveridge Various Activities

Like so many residents at Silveridge, Sue spent time on the road, including fulltime for two years. That run started when her daughter graduated from high school and Sue and her husband decided it was time to travel. So Rick landed a job as a trucker, driving big rigs, and Sue joined in.

She liked it out there, seeing the country, but then came the call from her daughter: she was pregnant. “That was the day I told my husband,” Sue recalls, ‘You don’t get me anymore – I’m going home to be a grandmother.”


Silveridge Various Activities Silveridge Various Activities

Sue and Rick, Then & Now


Home was Mesa, where she’d lived since her own high school days. She was born in Jackson, Michigan to a dad who worked in the auto industry and a mom who worked at the Holiday Inn. She was one of three girls and five boys, the youngest, and the child who got stuck moving across country in the middle of high school because her parents hoped the desert climate would help her mom’s arthritis. Sue settled in, going to Mesa High and landing a job busing tables at the Apache Wells retirement community’s restaurant.

Among her jobs since those early days was working as a resident manager at a self-storage facility, and then, starting 2013, working as the Assistant Manager at The Resort, our sister park. A year later, in 2014, her energy and skills were rewarded when she was offered the job as Office Manager at Silveridge.

She says of her job, “We work as a real team, always helping each other help the residents. We all get along – it makes such a difference when everyone genuinely likes each other.”

In addition to Sue’s earlier comments about being part of the residents having fun, she says…

“One of the unexpected joys of my job is getting to know people from all over the country, and from other countries. Last year I saw that one of our residents was from the town of Albion, Michigan. I thought, I wonder if she knows my sister. So I visited with her and asked and she said, ‘Yes! We used to hang out together.’ So then I had to call my sister and I was able to reconnect two old friends. That’s what I love about Silveridge – all the connections we all make with one another.”




Good news for those of you who have, or are thinking about getting Direct TV. The Silveridge management team has chosen Empire Communications as our exclusive provider. Instead of simply getting installers sent out from an out-of-town office, we will get personal attention from Empire, a Mesa company with folks you can trust.

Empire is committed to “supreme service” and one way they accomplish that is by having each customer assigned a personal representative – you’ll have the same person to work with, and who provides free tech support.

The folks from Empire will be joining us for upcoming coffees, and will provide complete details.

Empire Communications
4830 East Main St #5
Mesa, AZ 85205


The Silveridge management team recently announced special pricing on several homes in the park. You can download the brochure here:



Celebrate Me Home

Message from Sue
Activity Director and Editor


My dear Silveridge friends, I hope you are ready to celebrate and “sing” your way into the 2016-2017 season! Here’s hoping your summer was happy and healthy. It is always so much fun to hear you share your summer memories at our Welcome Back parties. You are ready to enjoy your Silveridge friends and the sunny Arizona skies! As you are arrive remember to “meet and greet” one another– and give a hug to someone new in our park. Let’s live up to our motto “the friendliest park in the West!”

As you enter this season I want you to “rock what you got!” Whether it be rocking and rolling to the 19 boogies or rocking your talents by volunteering, I want you to live your life to the fullest. Thanks to all of you who have “rocked my boat” with the early ticket orders! The order list is still online at (look under news and updates) -so you can print it out and send it in with a check or just stop by and we will be happy to help you with your order. I know you buy tickets because you want to and Jill and I appreciate your support of the Activity Office! Thank you! As we embark on a new season we are grateful to all the Club leaders who “Keep on Rockin” their talents. The majority of all the clubs and groups start the first week in November. Pick up the Activity Line Up sheets at the office to check out all the activities you may want to join. We have over 100 activities to chose from! Check out all the club news online and see what interests you this year. Let us all honor the memory of those who have passed away this summer. Many have given us the legacy we enjoy today. Since we are all Seniors we need to live out our purpose and “Rock what we Got!!”


The Activity Office is Here to Serve You!


In addition to selling tickets there are many ways that we can help you at the Activity Desk. Stop by and receive your beautiful new Silveridge Family Photo Directory. The Directory is free if you had your picture taken. If you did not have your picture taken or would like an additional directory, the price is only $10.00. This is a Silveridge Family Keepsake. Enjoy!

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Copies: $.10 per page
Faxes: $1.00 per page sending or receiving
Stamps: US and Canadian. You may mail packages from The Resort
Lost and Found


Sue Arneson is back in the office and has filled the calendar with events.

Sue tells us that


You can find a download a copy of the Ticket Order Form by going here.





Sue and the staff have been busy over the summer months. In addition to the new paint on the buildings, you’ll notice that there’s new bike parking (being installed behind the wall in the photo below), newly resurfaced shuffleboard courts, renewed cool-decking around the pool and many other upgrades.


Silveridge Various Activities Silveridge Various Activities

Silveridge Various Activities Silveridge Various Activities

Silveridge Various Activities



Click a link below to jump to the correct club info

Ceramics Hiking Church/Bible Study Water AerobicsStep Aerobics Water Volleyball Lapidary Wood WorkingSingles Group Silver Screen


Are you ready to get your creative juices going? Come join the Silveridge Ceramics Club in Room 9 Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-3. We have greenware and bisque for sale and you can special order pieces you might want to do. We have all the tools, brushes and paint for you to use as well as 2 kilns on site. Classes are taught by two Duncan Certified Ceramics teachers: Nancy Lambertson, Club Leader and Jan Billings. We will also have open painting time on Wednesdays. Silveridge Ceramics Club is a $20.00 per year fee and $3.00 per class charge. The class charge includes instruction, tools and most paint. The club charge includes all firings for the year. Come on over to Room 9, have a cup of coffee, look around and see for yourself that this is not the ceramics you remember from 30 years ago! Watch for our one day Make and Take Classes.


If you want to enjoy some beautiful Arizona scenery while getting exercise, then hiking is for you! Hikers meet on Tuesday mornings at 7:30am in the lobby area. Betty Royal leader #374 At the time of this printing the Hikers and Walkers are not meeting. Thank you to the McDonalds who are retiring from leading hikers and walkers. New leaders are needed! Please contact Betty Royal or the McDonalds if you are interested in leading. Please check the hiking board for information.

Church/Bible Study

Bob Oelschlagel will continue to teach the Wednesday Bible Study where many enjoy the opportunity to not only study the Word but to participate with questions and discussion. Bob invites you to join him starting Wednesday, Nov 9th at 7pm in Room 5 for this year’s study.

Everyone is welcome to join the fellowship and fun of the Silveridge Choir while practicing the songs and hymns of the faith. The choir sings during Silveridge Fellowship Sunday services. Please watch for announcement when practice will begin.

Our service is every Sunday at 9:00am in the Auditorium. We invite you to join us and Pastor Charles Simmons for a non-denominational service, beginning Nov. 6th, to worship with your friends and neighbors from the park. Please join us after the service for coffee and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you. Pictured below is Mr. and Mr. Charles Simmons.

Water Aerobics

Stay fit and have fun every day in the beautiful pool with water exercise. Instructor is Nita Dressel. Monday-Friday 7:45am

Silveridge Calendar

Step Aerobics

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:45am Instructors Nita Dressel/Ellen Jones
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8:00am Instructor Judy Minto. Classes held in the Exercise Room

Silveridge Calendar

Water Volleyball

Come to the pool every day (except Sunday) at 12:30pm and have fun soaking up the sunshine while playing a couple of games of water volleyball. Call Ed Wladyco #608

Silveridge Calendar


Learn the art of polishing and designing stones. Mon., Wed, Fri. 9-12 Leader: Bob Brown

Silveridge Calendar

Silveridge Wood Workers Shop

We welcome back all our past members and look forward to meeting new participants who would like to join us in the Wood Workers Shop commencing in early November. If you have an interest in working with wood the shop is open from 08:30 AM to 12:00 Noon and 1:00 to 4:00 PM from Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday). Notice of hours will be posted on the shop door if qualified monitors are not available to cover all shifts in early November. Monthly meetings are held the second Wednesday of each Month from November through March. The November meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 9th at 1:00 PM in the shop. A $20 annual fee puts a wide variety of excellent power and hand tools at your disposal. Knowledgeable individuals are available to assist you in learning to use the equipment and for help on your projects. Display your projects and help in supporting the club at the local craft.

Silveridge Calendar

Silveridge Singles Group

If you are a widowed or divorced Silveridge resident and would enjoy activities with others who have suffered a significant loss, we welcome you to our circle of friends. We are here to offer you a caring atmosphere filled with a variety of activities: however, matchmaking is not our purpose or goal. We meet the first Monday of each month at 11:30AM for a sack lunch in Room 4 followed by our business meeting at 12:00 noon. Also, we meet every Friday night with a planned activity. Check our bulletin board in Room 4 for current activities and members. We would like all unattached persons to join us and participate in our fun.

Why stay in your unit and be lonely when you can come be with others, have fun, enjoy lots of conversation and laughs and meet new friends. We are here to support one another in time of sorrow and laugh with one another in times of joy. Please call any of us if you need someone to talk to or would like a visit from a member. Anytime you need help, we can be here for you. # 447 Lou Hyde, President #447 Louise Baker, VP, #282 Phyllis Nelson, Sec. in #410 or Flo Cranor, Treasurer in #281.

The Silver Screen

Our theater is open year round for your viewing pleasure!! And it’s free too! A big thank you to Gary Bryant who has run the movies all summer. Gary tries hard to vary the movies so there is something for everyone. If you have any suggestions call Gary at #480-221-9263 or email him at Gary Do watch for movie showings on the park channel, on the marquee by the theater and on the activity board. Starting in November. Movies are being shown on Wednesdays at 1:00pm and Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00pm.

If there are volunteers there will be popcorn available. Please be a team player and offer to stay after the movie to clean up.How about bringing your honey and calling it a date night! How many of you know that the theater has the NFL package (700’s) as well as ESPN? The theater is available to watch sports, but not on a movie day or night Because of the valuable equipment the theater is locked at all times unless there is a scheduled showing for movies, or sports. Only trained operators may run the equipment! Requests for theater sports need to be turned in at the activity desk by noon on Friday. There must be a minimum of six people attending. When reserving the theater, please leave the building clean! If there is a game on Mondays the Social Hall television may be available. Please check with Sue, the Activity Director if you would like to reserve the Social Hall.

The theater is available to all of us. In order to keep things running smoothly a few rules have been established

The theater cannot be reserved for a private party for a sports game. Anyone can watch any games. If more than one party wants to watch different sports , the majority rules (over 6) for watching The BIG SCREEN The 8 side televisions are available (without sound) to watch any other sports that may be playing at the same time.

Please see me if you want to reserve the sports Big Screen for a game. I try to accommodate everyone with their requests but with more residents in the park at this time of the year please be understanding You may book a private party if it is not during the time of a movie or a previously booked sport event. It is a good idea to book early!

If you have visiting guests they are welcome to come but they must be accompanied by you ( the resident.)

If you have a private party 90% of the participants must live in the park.

Out of park guests may rent the theater at $250.00 for 4 hours, $50.00 for each hour after $500.00 deposit paid in advance (as set by the Home office)

Let’s all enjoy our new theater and don’t forget to bring your popcorn bowls!