Message From Sue – March 2016

Our Courageous Volunteers

Message From Sue Activity Director and Editor


It is only right that my last message of the season pays homage to our important volunteers. You have heard it before and I will write it again “Silveridge is the special ACTIVE, CARING and PRODUCTIVE Park that it is because of our volunteers!” A big thank you to the 300 plus residents who have served in a volunteer capacity this year. I believe there are three characteristics that I feel describe our volunteers:

1. They unselfishly give their time. Figuring conservatively our volunteers have contributed over 10,000 hours of their time. There are many ways of spending time in retirement. One should do what they want after working all their lives. A volunteer actually enjoys giving their time, gifts and energy to help out where needed. Time is a gift in itself and no one knows what time we have left. We have lost many loved ones this year who were in leadership volunteer positions. We celebrate our volunteers and honor the memory of those that have gone before us for their commitment to our community. Thank you for making your time count!

2. Volunteers want to make a difference. They see an area where they can help and use their background of experience and knowledge to educate and improve the lives of those around them. Kudos to those volunteers in leadership positions. These people spend countless hours preparing and organizing their classes. They come from all different walks of life. We have retired doctors and nurses, pilots, college professors and principles, computer trainers, police and fire officers, musicians, military officers – just to name a few. They know how to “Rock What You Got.” Thank you for sharing your talent

3. Volunteers have courage. Yes, it takes courage to step out of the box. Questions like, Do I really have the abilities to this? What if they don’t like me? What if I forget something or fail at my task? Whenever you start something new doubt comes easy, but courage takes work. It reminds me of the lion in the “Wizard of Oz” who needed courage in life- only to find out that he had it all along. The lion just had to have someone believe in him and tell him that the courage was within him. Thank you for volunteers for your courage!

I have planned a special recognition dinner and entertainment for all my volunteers on Thursday, March 17th. I want to recognize Jerry Colling and Tracy Gagnier and all the kitchen volunteers for stepping up to the plate after our chef, Harvey Jamieson passed away. Because of their leadership and sacrifice of time we were able to keep all our 70 food functions running smoothly and our tummies satisfied! A special thank you to my efficient assistant, Jill Belcher and Jarrod White, my set up person who has helped me and others in so many ways. Both Jill and Jarrod have helped make our Activity Office successful! Our new GM Rhonda and our entire staff have put in countless hours to make our park run smoothly. Thank you to my Mom, my “Balcony Friends” (you know who you are) and to my best friend and husband Jeff who has been my runner for food and supplies. After 47 years of marriage Jeff never knew he would have a second career as a domestic engineer! Thank you for making this the best year ever! Stay healthy and return safely to Silveridge. Watch for my summer newsletter online with a listing of entertainment and apparel to bring. May you all have a safe and healthy summer. Get ready to celebrate my Silveridge Friends. You know that we are the Friendliest Park in the West!